Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

Beware the Song Joong Ki!

Reporting from allkpop, popularity drama 'Descendants of the Sun' is extraordinary in China even a general counsel asks the audience carefully with Song Joong Ki.On March 12, the official page of the Chinese public security Weibo post, "The Korean drama lovers beware! Attention to hidden damage from 'Descendants of the Sun'. Women in Korea and China are in love with Song Joong Ki. Which makes many men filed kompalin them. "The post and unbiased," Watching Korean drama is more dangerous than what you think. You could end up with the demand. "General counsel this seems exaggerated, but actually a lot of marriage problems and even divorce in China because of jealousy of the husband whose wife loves Song Joong Ki. Some people even get plastic surgery to look like the handsome actor.The popularity of the drama 'Descendants of the Sun' which continues meningkata Song Joong Ki to make a figure 'dangerous. He was even ranked first in the 'Most Popular Celebrity' in China.Song Joong Ki is an actor born 19 September 1985. His name became known when she was cast in the drama 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' and became one of the members in the variety show 'Running Man'. He gained the main role in the drama 'Innocent Man' in 2012, and in the movie 'A Werewolf Boy'.Initially, parents Song Joong Ki put it into many classes, including acting classes because his personality is rigid with the hope to improve social skills. He majored in business administration in college and decided to start a career in acting. Debut on television when she participated in the KBS program 'Quiz Korea', he went into the final round but did not win, he also became the cover model for the magazine 'College'.She did her acting debut in 2008 in the film 'A Frozen Flower'. He also became the MC on KBS music program 'Music Bank' of the year 2009 - 2010 and became a member of the program SBS 'Running Man' from the year 2010-2012.After doing a fan meeting on August 17, 2013, he decided to carry out compulsory military service in tangggal August 27 and finish on May 26, 2015.The actor, who was in this popularity is being discussed in various media, reportedly Song Joong Ki perform plastic surgery in some parts of his face.Song Joong Ki syndrome spread rapidly and widely not only in China, but also throughout the world. All spectators must be careful with Song Joong Ki!

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